I Tell You No Lye

Around October last year I kinda felt a need to do something different and authentic. Something that would make sense to me. What came instantly to my mind was my hair. Just to set the scene here… I had braids, which I had done for a wedding in July…I came back to Oman, and tried to have them in for as long is I possibly could without making other people uncomfortable (if you know what I mean).
Anyway I finally took them out and had about an inch and a half of virgin hair… So I decided not to put relaxer and grow out my hair, keeping it pure and unadulterated! I’m am officially what you call a Transitioner. And a couldn’t be more excited. Seeing my hair, I mean my real, God given hair, I can’t believe that I believed the myths about African hair; that’s its impossible, unmanageable, unflattering, embarrassing, the list goes on.
For the past 6 months I have been putting oils on my hair and scalp and the results are amazing. I actually can’t wait for the relaxed strands to completely disappear from my head!! Its so amazing!
You are probably wondering what would even make me want to do something like this ordinarily I would never have considered it but I think I started thinking about it after watching Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”. In the movie, if you remember his daughter asks him how come she doesn’t have ‘good hair’ and he is shocked at a 3 year old’s recognition of the world’s imposition on black women to have silk smooth straight hair. Now at the time, I had not had my own bambino, but when Sophiah was born, I had this desire to make her little world perfect. I wanted her to remain untouched by the things that make little girls feel inadequate and less than perfect in this world. Of course there was no way I can control things like that, but I turned to what I could control; my influence in how she perceived herself. So, I did a little self acceptance of my own and let my natural, kinky,curly, nappy hair grow out and meet the world! Its a legacy that I’d like to leave for her, the knowledge that she has a choice, society or the media doesn’t dictate who and what she should be. All she needs to know is that when God says she is “fearfully and wonderfully made” He meant it, kinky locks and all.

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